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The Community Rules & Guidelines also extend to our server.​

  • MINIMUM AGE: As per the setting timeline, the last day any human was born was May 21st, 2003. Following that day, it was no longer possible for a character to be born. This means your character is, at an utmost minimum, 20 years old.

  • CHARACTER BACKGROUNDS: Your character requires an authorization to have an existing ex-military or ex-political background, as most of these characters were assimilated into Combine organs in the First Days of the occupation. You will need to explore why and how your character was able to avoid such a fate. (For instance, a combat veteran with a disability/impairment would not have been subsumed into the Combine Overwatch, and would remain in the citizen populace.) This rule also extends to pre-existing affiliation with factions, including any kind of pre-existing record you wish the Combine to be aware of.

  • PLAY YOUR OWN CHARACTERS: Roleplaying canon characters is prohibited. Do not use the name of a famous or notable individual in or out of character.

  • INSENSITIVE STEREOTYPES: Do not perpetuate harmful racial, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic or ableist caricatures with your character, their name or their description. The community rules regarding racism/misogyny/homophobia/transphobia/ableism extend to roleplay as well.

  • METAGAME: The act of using information not acquired by your own character is considered metagaming, and is against the rules. This includes information from outside roleplay, information that your character would not be privy to, and information that another one of your characters know.

  • ITEM TRANSFERRING: Sharing items across your own characters, directly or indirectly via another person, is prohibited. The gamemode documents thoroughly where items have been and which hands they've passed through and we will know.

  • VOICE COMMUNICATION: The use of platforms such as Discord or other voice chat mediums are not permitted to be used to communicate in-character information.



Shoot to Roleplay​
You fire your weapon indirectly near/around the target (without hitting them) after detailing an emote, either in local or in global, of your character firing their weapon and detailing who and where it's aimed at.​
Shoot to Kill​
You fire your weapon at your target with the intent to kill them.​
New Life Rule​
Your character's death is replaced with a pretend NPC character's death, and your character continues on without recollection of the circumstances of their death.
Permanent Injury​
Your character has suffered a permanent disability or injury from combat or other circumstances that impair them in some way.
Permanent Kill​
Your character's death is permanent. You are from then on disallowed from playing the character.

Combat always defaults to S2RP, but may be resolved using S2K if all parties agree. (The majority of both initiating sides must agree.)


  • If S2RP is used, characters are expected to respectfully decide how the combat will go between themselves.

  • Do not force the outcome of your actions onto others. Emote instead your character's actions and allow the other person to reflect how it results.

  • Respect when you've been outplayed or someone has gotten an angle on you. Don't perform superhuman feats to dodge bullets or roll out of the way.

  • If your character dies in S2RP, your character will be under the New Life Rule (NLR, covered below) for the rest of the day. As such, you will not be allowed to act upon information relating to your character's death. However, players may acquire permanent kill (PK) authorizations from the admin team. For rules on PK auths, see this thread.

  • If there is a dispute between roleplayers, an admin or conflict mediator not involved in the roleplay at hand can be called to step in and make a verdict.

  • Characters acting negligently (without care or reason for their own personal safety/longevity by putting themselves needlessly in danger) can qualify to be issued a PK by an admin.


  • If S2K is used, other players may join in at will. As a result, all S2K is considered in-character and can be responded to. Do not fire your character's weapons unless you intend to reflect that action in-character.

  • Do not S2K characters who are not involved in the combat scenario/are roleplaying separately. If you accidentally fire upon or kill someone that wasn't involved, please clarify that it was an accident and apologize when you get the chance.

  • Non-Civil Protection & Non-Stabilization Control are allotted one life in any S2K scenario, whereas Civil Protection & Stabilization Control may return to combat after two minutes have passed since they were killed.

  • If your character dies in S2K, your character will be under the New Life Rule (NLR, covered below) for the rest of the day. As such, you will not be allowed to re-initiate combat or act upon information relating to your character's death. (You may also opt to return to the area your character was shot and roleplay your injuries. If you do, NLR does not apply.)

  • Repeatedly and frivolously initiating S2K will be met with warnings or consequences in-character. Not everyday is a shootout and we will request that you cool your jets for a bit if you are constantly creating S2K scenarios.

  • Admins may declare different combat rules if deemed necessary.

  • MUGGING: Characters may attempt to mug another character of credits & other items. However, the roleplayer of the character being mugged does not have to give up any of their items unless they choose to do so.

  • RAIDING: Civil Protection and Stabilization Control operate out of numerous, lightly manned and impromptu outposts known as Sociocontrol Stations with minimal defenses, some surveillance, and not even an assured chance of there being anything besides a terminal and a few lockers for the units that go on shift there. As such, raiding these outposts is allowed, but only if there's an adequate response available on server (A minimum of three units online). If a combat scenario spawned from a raid is handled via S2K, characters who die in S2K must return to the area to roleplay their injuries and/or capture. Some stations are more securely guarded than others- the "Sociocontrol Station 01" tends to be the heart of the operation within the local area.

  • RESPONSE PERIOD: After mugging, raiding or participating in any combat, please wait 30 minutes OOC before disconnecting or switching characters to allow others to pursue your character.

Have a rules question? Do you feel that a rule on this thread needs more clarity?

Please reach out to me and I would be happy to assist you and/or edit the rules to make said ruling more understandable.

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