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The following rules apply to all members of the community.

These rules will be enforced at all times. Repeated failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in action taken which can include temporary or permanent removal from the server, community and/or administration teams.

I. Content
The following rules regard the posting rules within the community.​

1A) Keep the forums safe for work. NSFW/18+ content should be kept private between consenting individuals.

1B) Do not derail a thread with a defined topic. Keep your posts on track. Any posts that aim to pointlessly drag a conversation in a different direction will result in your posts being deleted and a possible thread reply ban. The zingers need to stay in your pocket unless they actively contribute to a conversation, and it falls to the forum moderators' discretion whether posts do or not.

1C) Do not spam the forums or discord. Keep pointless or unserious threads to the fast threads forum.

1D) Keep threads in the appropriate forum categories and subforums. Don't post off-topic threads in the wrong forums.

1E) Keep forum avatars and signatures appropriate with other content posting rules. Your avatar or signature will be removed or changed should either conflict with this rule.

1G) Do not spam forum ratings. Excessive/targeted over-use of ratings will be met with having your ability to rate posts disabled.

II. Conduct
The following rules regard user-to-user etiquette and conduct within the community.
If you would like to report someone for harassing you, contact a member of the admin team.
Any information presented to an admin will be kept private and will not be shared without your consent.

2A) By making an account on this forum or participating in the server, you agree that you are at least of 18 years of age. If it is made aware that you are younger than 18 years old, you will be banned from the community until you reach that age. This project is a hobby, and none of the staff involved want to be responsible for a child in this space.

2B) Racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia & ableism have no place in our community. Use of slurs or harassment of this caliber will be dealt with.

2C) Do not repeatedly target and harass any member. There will always be beef between one person or another. Do not go out of your way to attack them publicly or privately. If you have a problem with another community member and you must engage with them in public, keep it civil and sort out your differences respectfully.

2D) Do not expose or share your own personal information or that of another community member. Even if shared consensually, this makes you a target/risk for doxxing from malicious individuals who might seek to cause you harm. This includes posting pictures of yourself.

III. Miscellaneous
The following rules regard topics not covered by the sections above.​

3A) Users are allowed one forum account per person, and one person per forum account. Alts will not be tolerated from banned members or existing members. If you are seeking to appeal a forum ban, please contact a member or administrator of the community to appeal for you by proxy.

3B) Respect the legal rights of all programs and companies. Do not post links to torrents or pirated copies of programs. Do not do anything within the community that would put you into legal trouble.

3C) Do not flame other communities. You are more than happy to talk about other servers and communities in a respectful manner, but everything else at the door, no manner how sour one’s experiences were.
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